LBL Full Story

In January 2015 an event was launched. Sharing a space with a pre-established kink event. It was called Upstairs-Downstairs.

Upstairs downstairs was a full headspace event held in the upstairs part of a venue, the downstairs housed the usual host event called Sinday Pleasures. Both events were ran by Faye Sanders, who would become known to us all as Auntie Faye.

With the help of her own ageplay family she fought for a space within the wider scene, a safe space. A space where age players could come, play, be free to be themselves the same way everyone else was. So with just a boot full of toys but bags full of energy we had our first run at an age play event. Arts and crafts, games and many many sweets made the day up but there was something magical about that time spent.

The first event had 16 attendees, some of those are here with us today, some, sadly we have lost along the way. With the support of these wonderful people April 2015 saw the launch of the newly named “Little Big Land” an ageplay event within its own right. No sharing spaces this time. The littles had the run of the place and it started something wonderful for us all.

Our groups online were being joined daily and the influx of interest was staggering. The following July and October saw numbers double each time! The word was spreading and it was an incredible buzz to be a part of. Friendships were forming fast between people who had been isolated for so long. The feeds on social medias were in a frenzy and the love that was shown was inspiring.

After just four events we had outgrown our space and took the brave step into a new venue. January 2016 gave us, The Penthouse Suite which was a beautiful venue and we enjoyed the luxery of it for our attendees. It also gave us great structure with activities better placed in seperate rooms. Story time had grown into a massive part of the day and we have some wonderful photos from some of the biggest events, hosting over 100 attendees!

In stepping into a new venue, we brought something new with us as well. With Little Big Lands strict policy on being a  purely innocent age play event we had been asked by many to do an opposite evening event. New venue…Little Big Land celebrating its first birthday… So…The Grey Area was born.

The Grey Area, hosted in the same venue just 2 hours later was an event for attendees who were also curious about the more kink aspects of age play. Spanking, bondage, humiliation were words thrown around in feedback. Demos, discussions and workshops were arranged and with dungeon furniture brought in, the music turned up and naughty games to break the ice, The Grey Area proved to be an instant success.

The two events ran back to back for the remainder of the year growing in number, in laughs shared and a feeling of community. We saw engagements, we mourned deaths, we played in summer and cuddled up in winter.

The crew had became a well oiled machine as well as a family that loved their roles. The hosting team of Auntie Faye and Princess Paw had become a standard. The original team of trusted bigs, many of whom are here today put blood sweat and tears into the set ups, running of and packing down of the events. They became pillars of safety for our attendees, aunties and uncles, big brothers and sisters.

Such was the populatiy of the event combination we decided to launch an event inbetween the quarters of Little Big Land and The Grey Area. PicknMix launched in May 2016 a perfect mix of Little Big Land spaces as well as rooms for those who prefered The Grey Area’s more adult approach, hosted at a local club. 

So the year continued and  for christmas Little Big Land and The Grey Area celebrsted christmas in the PicknMix venue just so we could all see eachother before the new year!

February 2017 gave us opportunity to wish Little Big Land a Happy 2nd Birthday and to celebrate in style as The Grey Area hit its first year mark. By this point our crew hard grown to a whopping 22 to manage the events. The walls were lined with years worth of art work, favourite stories had been established and catch phrases had been linked as traditions had begun to take shape.

By November 2017 we were at our biggest, numbers reaching well over 170. Our crew were driving down the day before as preperatons got larger and larger and what started as a car boot full had become two van loads with a changeover inbetween!  

The November event saw an emergency situation when at the last minute, we had to pull out of the venue. Thanks to a good friendship with our PicknMix venue, some serious hard work from the team to move everything, the admin bunnies working tireslessly to inform everyone and a relay car picking up lost littles from the wrong venue, we managed to pull off a succesful event!

But luck was not on our side, we enjoyed two more events before the owners had to close.

We thought we had to say goodbye for good…

So with no venue and no events to run we felt at an absolute loss. Where would our babies go now? What would happen to the community we had loved so much? We searched and searched but nothing was suitable. We had been doing this for a long time, we knew our space, we knew our babies and nothing was good enough.

So we decided to dream alittle bigger…

And so came The Little Big Land Big Weekend Convention 2019! Which proved to be an instant success so now…we are ready for LBL CON 2020!